I've been building and painting...

So I built something that would normally take about 3 hours to complete but it took me 3 weeks thanks to snow and cold, and kids getting in the way. Love my kids, which is why I built this kids picnic table for them! You've probably already heard of Ana White's website - that's where I got the plans for this table. I've actually never built anything in my life but Ana's blog was very inspiring and her instructions easy to follow. I now have a long list of "to build" items from her blog. Funny but building actually brought another inspiration to paint all the walls in my house. I started with the kitchen/dining area. Next is the girls' bedroom. If summer would ever come to Alaska, I could really get things done!
It's not perfect but I love it and I think it's beautiful :)

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This is awesome, Rit. You are not only talented in making great birthday cakes but also this. good for you!