Passport-sized Photo Tutorial...

A random post.. I suspect the professional photographers out there might just laugh at this, but it's so easy I wanted to share how I've been creating passport-sized photos for all our documents (immigration papers, visas, passports, etc.) for years. Why not save $20 or so if you can Do-It-Yourself? I think some of you may find this helpful.
Step 1.
Open your picture with Picasa. Go to Basic Fixes and Crop it to "Square: CD Cover" (after I took this picture of Eva's Bratz girl and she saw her on my computer screen, she grabbed her right away and won't let go of her, in fact, she and Jemma are now fighting for it because Eva won't share!):
Step 2.
Under 'Tuning' you can edit your picture by adjusting the lighting, color, etc.

Step 3.
Now go ahead and 'Save' the picture.
Step 4.
Right-click on the picture and 'Locate on Disk':
or you may have this option - 'Locate' -> 'File on Disk':
Step 5.
Once you've located the picture on the disk, make 6 copies of the same picture. Select the picture and copy and paste, or keep hitting 'ctrl+c' and then 'ctrl+v' until you have 6 copies in total:
Step 6.
Go back to Picasa and the 6 copies of the picture will already be there. In the file menu go to 'Create' and choose 'Picture Collage':
Step 7:
Now highlight all 6 pictures and add to the collage by clicking on the '+':
Step 8:
Under the 'Settings' tab select 'Grid: Arrange pictures into regular rows and columns' and you are almost done:
Step 9.
Now set the aspect ratio to '4 x 6: small print' and click on the 'create collage' button below.
Congratulations, you've just saved 20 bucks. Print at your usual location :)

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