Delta Fair

Last Saturday we had a parade and fair in town, so we decided to join the crowd and march to the fairgrounds. It's a ten-minute walk but halfway through we returned home as we realized it was impossible to drag Eva and the baby along (I wish I had a double stroller), plus I'd left the diaper bag at home. So we got back, got in the truck and drove about 5mph to the fair. I wish I had taken more pictures. Nothing spectacular but Delta is probably the smallest town I've ever lived in my entire life. However, on the day of the fair it got so busy that for a moment I forgot I lived in the middle of nowhere.
Anyway, I don't know if it's because Eva is a little country girl now or she just doesn't like crowds, but she wasn't like her usual self. The extrovert that she is, she just stood there observing the activities that were going on around. The one thing she did like was to go down a super slide with Jesse:
Balloon Paradise - Eva loves balloons! she had one tied to her wrist but she somehow got it out and it flew away to her greatest disappointment: She also wanted to try this kiddie ride. She was all excited about it and kept saying "go wocket, go go go!" (ie rocket), but when she was seated in one, all of a sudden she turned serious:trying to feed the ponies:We finally had to put her in the stroller because she refused to walk about two hours later.

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xachanya said...

Фотографии очень славные получились! Честно говоря, моя голова сейчас варит не очень, поэтому в текст я не вчитывалась (ибо основательно подзабыла язык), но даю честное пионерское, что завтра обязательно со словариком перечитаю!))

Rita said...

Анечка, теперь тебе от английского уже не отвертеться. Заходи еще!

xachanya said...

гыг))) Я-то зайду, только пока ориентируюсь по картинкам)))