Desitin and markers

I've established this as a universal fact - toddlers cause trouble.
So Eva decided that Desitin is just as good as any body lotion. I was so glad I put that mat in her room. I spent about half an hour cleaning it up and another half hour washing the diaper cream off Eva's face, hands and legs. Then I wonder why my days go flying by and my 'to do list' is almost as long as it was at the beginning of the week. On the bright side, I just can't help laughing every time I look at these pictures. I guess every mother could use a little more sense of humor.

I've been getting up the last three days to this artwork on the walls in the dining room and the kitchen cabinets. Did I have to learn it the hard way? :) I'm finally putting all Eva's crayons and markers away to use only when I can watch her. I'm glad she didn't find my permanent markers.

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Jessica said...

I love your new look!!! Those pictures are hilarious!!!! Love that girl. She's an artist in the making. Is it going to be paints or pencils?